CL Yachts set to officially unveil at Miami Yacht Show 2019

The new name in luxury yachting experiences, CL Yachts, is set to officially unveil at Miami Yacht Show 2019, taking place Feb. 14–18.

The arrival of the new performance luxury brand will be celebrated at an exclusive private party on Feb. 16. While music and champagne flows, VIPs can mingle over a special showcase of CL Yachts’ innovative and coveted new models the CLA76 and CLB72.

Targeting an entirely new generation of discerning yacht owners, CL Yachts offers an unparalleled experience for the modern explorer through timeless vessels that power the desire for adventure. Blending engineering prowess, purity in design and time-honored craftsmanship, the brand champions innovation, authentic, honest experiences and a contemporary approach to yachting.

CL Yachts fuses a progressive innovation-lead philosophy with an understated, contemporary design point-of-view. From state-of-the-art engineering to beautifully appointed VIP and guest cabins – think bright spaces, simplistically elevated colors and spacious walk-in-wardrobes – as well as seamless high technology such as retractable sunroofs and transom lift-powered beach platforms, every component of the luxury experience is carefully considered to truly understand, and meet the needs of, modern yacht enthusiasts.

The brand was conceived by Cheoy Lee Shipyards Limited, the renowned shipbuilder known for 130 years of quality and innovation. While honoring its parent company’s expertise, industry leadership and rich heritage, CL Yachts elevates the yachting experience to new levels of pleasure by integrating design and technology. Jozeph Forakis – the celebrated international designer known for visionary work across multiple industries and product categories – collaborated with Cheoy Lee on this dynamic vision. With CL Yachts born from the desire to boldly reimagine luxury performance experiences, the decision to collaborate with bold visionary Forakis – who has never worked in the yachting industry before – makes for the perfect match.

“We decided together to be very ambitious and to match this ambition with bold strategic moves. During development of the first boat we realized that if we truly wanted to push innovation, to create entirely new yachting designs and experiences, then it also made sense to start with a clean slate in terms of the name, brand identity, marketing, services – all the touch points that define a world class, state-of-the-art luxury experience,” explains Forakis.

“At Cheoy Lee, we are always looking for new opportunities and exploring new technologies, so launching CL Yachts was a natural progression for the company,” says Martin Lo, director of Cheoy Lee Shipyards Limited. “As the profile of the luxury yacht buyer evolves over time, CL Yachts is prepared to meet the changing needs and expectations of its clients by continually pioneering new standards of quality and luxury.”

One of CL Yachts’ highly-anticipated vessels, still currently in its design phase, is the CLB 88. Evoking a spirit of adventure, the yacht’s interior and exterior was designed by Jozeph Forakis, and comprises of the latest maritime innovation and state-of-the-art engineering. Every square inch is meticulously designed to maximize utility – without forgoing comfort or luxury. From a salon bathed in natural light to a fully equipped kitchen, the yacht features a multitude of rooms and spaces that ensure guests of all ages will find their ultimate spot of bliss aboard the vessel.

During the Miami Yacht Show, discerning yacht owners and luxury travel enthusiasts will have the opportunity to step onboard CL Yacht’s CLA76 – a sleek successor to Cheoy Lee’s popular Alpha Express Series. Fluid lines and a sharp silhouette define the dynamic exterior of the yacht, which is accompanied by thoughtfully designed interiors that exude modernity, comfort, and elegance at its best. Thanks to its resin-infused, composite hull designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design, coupled with a foam cored monocoque structure by acclaimed naval architect Al Horsmon, the CLA76 excels in efficiency and performance. In addition to boasting a very attractive fuel consumption rate, the yacht also manages to maintain an impressive top speed of up to 29 knots. The strategic use of carbon fiber and fiberglass fabrics throughout the structure adds strength and significantly minimizes the overall weight of the vessel, all the while ensuring an extremely smooth and safe ride. The yacht’s thoughtfully considered layout allows for multiple social areas on board, well-proportioned indoor and outdoor spaces, and spacious cabins with en suite bathrooms for added privacy and convenience.

Also on display at the Miami Yacht Show will be the graceful CLB72. Serving the same purpose as the CLB88 but with a smaller size, the vessel is designed for families with a heart for adventure. Built upon the combined expertise of naval architect Howard Apollonio, and leading marine structural engineers Gurit, the CLB72 pushes the boundaries of marine engineering, achieving an exceptionally lightweight and aesthetically pleasing design without compromising the integrity of its structure. Its resin-infused composite hull and strategic use of carbon fiber ensures outstanding efficiency, performance, and durability. Meanwhile, the yacht’s streamlined silhouette is complemented by modern interiors that celebrate comfort in effortless style. From its multiple lounging areas at the fore deck, fly lounge, aft lounge, and beach platform to its large staterooms below deck, the luxury of space is a common theme that runs throughout the CLB72. Expansive windows, contemporary detailing, and sumptuous amenities further elevate the cruising experience, making days at sea all the more enjoyable for everyone on board.

Visit CL Yachts at the Miami Yacht Show 2019: At the Miami Yacht Show 2019, guests are invited to learn more about CL Yachts at the company booth, located at IWS Ramp B, Slip 99–100. Meet CL Yachts’ representatives and designers, and take a tour of the CLA76 and CLB72 to personally experience the innovative engineering, modern design, and time-honored craftsmanship of CL Yachts. Guests can schedule a personal VIP tour by logging onto the website at and clicking on VIP TOUR.

About CL Yachts
CL Yachts was conceived to offer unparalleled experiences to the modern explorer through timeless yachts that power the desire for adventure. Blending engineering prowess, purity in design and time-honored craftsmanship, the performance luxury brand champions innovation, authentic experiences and a contemporary approach to yachting. CL Yachts’ parent company is Cheoy Lee Shipyards Limited, known for over 130 years of quality and innovation. CL Yachts’ North America headquarters is located at 2955 W State Road 84, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33312. For more information, visit, call 954-527-0999, or email

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