CLB88 Offers Additional Décor Scheme, Positano

Jozeph Forakis, the designer responsible for several models from CL Yachts, is already changing up options for one of the most recent designs. The CLB88 now offers the Positano design scheme, with lighter and airier tones compared to the first interior package.

Originally, Forakis, who’s based in Milan, conceived the CLB88 with warm teak and walnut woods. While the walnut characterizes cabinetry, the teak lies underfoot and additionally runs overhead. Hull number one of the CLB88, which debuted in the United States late last year, features this richer scheme, a.k.a. the Milano color palette. As much as it has traditional appeal and is being well received, though, Forakis and CL Yachts believe more possibilities will breed more success. “The essence of CLB88 is trying to balance a sense of tradition and forward-thinking design,” Forakis explains.

Therefore, the new Positano design scheme incorporates light-tone oaks and soft gray colors for surfaces, fabrics, and more. The oak runs fore to aft overhead, too, just as how vertically laid teak features prominently overhead in the Milano palette. The way these lighter colors interplay with natural light should make the 89-foot (27-meter) flagship look and feel airier. Note as well that the new palette further includes nature-inspired colors. This introduces some contrast yet still complements the overall concept.

With a 22’6” (6.9-meter) beam, the CLB88 will still feature all four staterooms, including the master suite, below decks. And, Forakis is still using Fenix, a matte laminate, in the galley and for some other high-impact surfaces. Fenix has several benefits. For instance, it has low light reflectivity, feels soft to the touch, and is resistant to fingerprints. Better yet, thought, it’s highly resistant to scratches. In fact, thermal healing can repair superficial, small scratches.

“When you step onboard the same boat with two different palettes, the change in feeling is palpable,” Forakis asserts. “We think our customers will really enjoy being able to have that choice.”

Published by: MegaYacht News