CLX96 – The Reinvented Motoryacht

CLX96 is the first SAV of the CL Yachts shipyard to sail the seas. Thanks to an innovative design, large internal volumes and many open spaces, this yacht strongly evokes the sense of freedom and contact with nature.

In the automotive sector, the SUV is a well known category. In boating, on the other hand, the SAV is arriving. No, it’s not a typo: SAV stands for Sea Activity Vessel – a term launched by CL Yachts, an innovative brand determined to make its name with yachts using revolutionary design and unique aesthetic elements. Its watercraft feature large internal volumes with many outdoor spaces that promote a sense of freedom and connection with nature. The brand new CLX96, the epitome of these concepts, is the first SAV in nautical history.

Coming off the drawing board of well-known product designer Jozeph Forakis, here is his capacity as interior and exterior designer and artistic director of CL Yachts, in collaboration with Albert Horsmon for structural engineering and Earl Alfaro for naval architecture, CLX96 is laid out on two levels plus a flybridge, where the command station is also located.

The profile is defined by a strong hull with a plumb bow over which rises a trapezoidal deckhouse with double-reverse angle windows. At first glance they seem like a design quirk, but in reality they have a precise purpose.

The plumb bow maximizes the internal space as well as ensuring greater stability in navigation and hydrodynamic efficiency. The trapezoidal shape of the superstructure also amplifies the interior spaces while the reverse angle offers great visibility outside as well as flooding the interior with light.

The same brightness is secured below deck, thanks to large windows running along the hull and coinciding with each of the rooms below deck.

On the main deck and flybridge, interiors and exteriors come together in a seamless spatial continuity. The large windows retract on three sides on the flybridge creating protected but extremely airy environments in contact with nature.

The main deck is a large open-plan salon featuring triple-folding doors to transform the formal dining area to ‘Al fresco dining‘, American kitchen, bar counter with stools and the Champagne Lounge.

Here guests can comfortably sit for aperitifs while admiring passing views or watching food being prepared, relaxing on large sofas in the area typically occupied by the command station (here moved to the flybridge).

The style of the interior is contemporary, discreet yet stylish, evoking a marine lifestyle in a home away from home. Below deck there are four guest cabins, in addition to four berths for crew, all equipped with large windows and very bright.

The master cabin is also equipped with a skylight that overlooks the bed, to see the sky and the stars at night while lying down. The VIP has a virtual skylight that receives images from the outside relayed from a digital camera placed on the bridge.

Outside there are many spaces for convivial living or privacy, such as on the ‘Terrazza Portoghese‘ set in forward part of the flybridge or at the ‘Piazza del Sole‘, an area organized with a seating and sunning area on the foredeck. The beach club set at the stern has a hydraulically operated swim platform to facilitate descents into the water.

“For us, this is the realization of a new-concept explorer”, says Martin Lo, director of CL Yachts, “both physically and spiritually, because it is a yacht that enables its owner to experience new adventures”.

The yacht is made of composite materials (fiberglass, E-glass and carbon fiber). It offers excellent performance with a cruising speed of 22 knots and peaks of 24-25 knots at top speed, powered by a pair of Caterpillar engines. To view it we will have to wait until the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in October (26/30) when it will be officially presented to the public.

Published by: Interni Magazine