Explore 3 Facets of CL Yachts

CL Yachts is the symphony of many personality traits– a leader, an innovator and a creator are amongst three guiding facets. Here we look take a deeper look.

1. A true industry leader
With heritage in steam-powered crafts dating back to the 1870s, CL Yachts has always been a leader on the waters. One of our many trailblazing moments was when we set the tone for fiber glass construction in the early 1960s. We were the very first company to use the material for boat building– literally writing the book of guidelines for fiber glass layup. It’s a benchmark that is still used by Lloyd’s Register today. Cementing our mastery and unparalleled qualifications, we were called upon again to help with inspection and quality assurance protocols for the material by the maritime classification society in the 1980s.

2. A benchmark-raising innovator
The sum of progressive technology and time-honored history ensures that CL Yachts sets new benchmarks in innovation. Pushing the envelope was already in our blood – not just in the realms of fiber glass, but by having already embraced foam composition construction and vacuum bagging techniques by the 1970s. Today, the way we use those materials in impressive new manners that ensure we further enhance our performance vessels. We also enlist the help of the brightest naval architects and marine structural engineers in the industry to ensure the strength, agility and structural integrity of our forms are always second-to-none.

3. A creator of iconic new design codes
When it comes to design, CL Yachts redefines the language codes of traditional motor yachts. One example is our CLB88, conceived in collaboration with internationally renowned designer and innovation expert Jozeph Forakis. Celebrated internationally for presenting a design that pushes luxury boats into progressive new realms (and we have the award-accolades to prove it). Once again pushing forward in a historic new direction, CL Yachts is gearing up to release another departure from yachting conventions– a luxury performance vessel like nothing currently on the waters. Slated for release in late 2020, stay-tuned for more details.

Published by: CL Yachts