About Cl Yachts

At CL Yachts, we power the modern explorer’s desire for adventure. Fusing engineering prowess, design innovation, and state-of-the-art technology, every element of our luxury performance vessels are meticulously geared to steer luxury into uncharted territories.



CL Yachts began with a focused purpose and bold vision; born from the core belief that each of our vessels should advance the luxury performance experience into uncharted territories. Every craft is the result of an elaborate journey from drawing board to final product. Designed with modern explorers in mind, we combine the wisdom and knowledge of today’s top marine engineers, architects, and designers, with craftsmanship techniques perfected for over a century. From the meticulously constructed, fluid forms of our exteriors, to interiors that embody contemporary elegance, every element has been fine-tuned to deliver on this vision.


CL Yachts proudly incorporates state-of-the-art technology into all our cruisers. Using gyro stabilization and active interceptor systems to ensure a smooth ride, and CZONE monitoring to oversee tankage and primary boat functions. Our craft boast resin-infused, composite hulls, with RINA hull construction certificates, and foam-cored monocoque structures. With honeycomb-integrated furnishings, composite foam-backed stonework, and carbon fiber throughout, our boats are modern material masterpieces. Fine entries, deep forefeet and bow flares work harmoniously to deliver a soft, dry ride, with stabilizers available for extra comfort. All of our models feature integrated navigation electronics in the helm stations.


Safety is a cornerstone of every CL Yachts’ seacraft. Built on floating frameworks, the interior of each of our models is insulated from their hull and support members, minimizing vibration. Integrated tankage with the hull also ensures increased rigidity and creates a double-bottomed safety zone. In the simplest form, rest assured every moment of your CL Yachts’ journey will be a safe one.


At CL Yachts, we take great pride in regularly breaking new ground in performance. With unmatched experience in advanced resin-infused construction technology, our boats high strength-to-weight ratio helps deliver best-in-class speed and fuel efficiency. Flexing raw athleticism, CL Yachts’ seacraft can reach speeds of up to 30 knots – ensuring they are always ready for adventure.



Innovation sits at the core of everything we do at CL Yachts. It is a character trait passed down from our parent company, who has led with a progressive heart throughout a history that spans over a century. Along with pioneering fiberglass and vacuum-bagged construction techniques, achievements include crafting the world’s first all-foam cored production motor yacht, and the world’s largest fiberglass motorboat with a Lloyd’s Register classification. It was only natural that CL Yachts was born with the same desire to push the boundaries, never merely asking “why?”, and instead asking “why not?”



CL Yachts is firmly committed to producing best-in-class seacraft. Created with complete integrity during an elaborate process, our vessels are built to stand the test of time, championing uncompromising standards of quality and maintenance assurance. All major components, materials, and equipment are sourced internationally. This allows for seamless servicing and high availability of spare parts – no matter where in the world your CL Yachts adventure takes you.



Craftsmanship touches every task at CL Yachts’ shipyard. The highly-skilled process builds upon a wealth of expertise inherited by our time-honored parent company. From integral tanks created as part of the structure of our hulls to performance-enhancing lightweight furniture, every detail is made with an attention-to-detail that is second to none. The result is harmonious, state-of-the-art vessels that not only meet the expectations of discerning modern explorers – they comfortably exceed them.