CLX96 SAV Makes International Debut at Fort Lauderdale, Targets American Market

These vessels used to be all about simplicity and enjoyment in the golden days of yachting. With an ever-increasing number of wealthy patrons showing interest, the focus switched to opulence and lavish design. CL Yacht Design is attempting to bring back what has been lost along the way, with their 97-feet (29.5-m) yacht.

Their new CLX96 SAV is focused on efficiency, capability, and comfort. The fiberglass composite hull benefits from a plumb bow which increases hydrodynamic efficiency while also increasing stability and handling. With power coming from twin Caterpillar C32 engines, this allows the yacht to reach a top speed of 25 knots (29 mph / 46 kph) with a cruising speed of 22 knots (25 mph / 41 kph).

The emphasis on comfort is made apparent by the reverse-angle deckhouse, which maximizes space while reducing both glare and heat. That is a great achievement considering the sheer size and number of windows, which create a seamless space between the inside and outside.

While the CLX96 is not focused on opulence, it does still have more than its fair share of luxurious elements, with names to match. Retractable windows lead guests from the Sky Lounge and Pilothouse to the Sky Deck alfresco dining area aft, called the “Terrazza Portoghese” (The Portughese Terrace). The sun lounge is situated on the foredeck and bears a similarly posh name, the “Piazza del Sole” (Square of the Sun). For those who would rather be in the water than in the heat of the sun, a beach clubwith a submerging swimming platform is also available.

The interior offers an open-plan saloon with gorgeous and uninterrupted views of the outside, which can be enjoyed at either the island and bar area or the champagne lounge. Accommodation is split into four guest cabins, with two more for the crew.

There is also a full-beam master suite with a double ensuite. The most interesting feature here is a skylight which allows unrivaled views of the night sky far out on the ocean where light pollution won’t hinder its beauty. The VIP suite gets a similar privilege, albeit virtual. Through an ingenious use of technology, a live camera feed is available on a virtual skylight.

With a shallow draft of just 6 feet and 3 inches (1.6 m) and a fuel tank of 4,100 gallons (15,520 liters), the CLX96 is a capable go-anywhere yacht that perfectly blends luxury and comfort.

Published by: autoevolution