CL Yachts is the protagonist of the Palm Beach International Boat Show 2019

CL Yachts will debut at the Palm Beach International Boat Show 2019, taking place March 28–31, where the luxury builder will showcase its latest models, the CLA76 and CLB72. Dancing between luxury and performance, CL Yachts offers an unparalleled experience to the modern explorer through timeless yachts that power the desire for adventure. Blending engineering prowess, purity in design and time-honored craftsmanship, the brand champions authentic, honest experiences and a contemporary approach to yachting.

The brand was conceived by Cheoy Lee Shipyards Limited, the renowned shipbuilder known for over 100 years of quality and innovation. Growing the multi-generational family business to include the CL Yachts brand was a natural progression for the Hong Kong-based shipbuilder. The company sold its first yacht, the CLB72, at February’s Miami Yacht Show 2019, the official Miami launch of the CL Yachts brand. CL Yachts Vice President Panu Virtanen sold the CLB72 to a family that will be boating in Florida and the Northeast.

CL Yachts is currently working on the CLB 88. The yacht’s interior and exterior were designed by Forakis. From a salon bathed in natural light to a fully equipped kitchen, the yacht features a multitude of rooms and spaces that ensure guests of all ages will find their ultimate spot of bliss aboard the vessel.

During the Palm Beach International Boat Show, discerning yacht owners and luxury travel enthusiasts will witness CL Yacht’s CLA76. The dynamic exterior of the yacht harmonizes with thoughtfully designed interiors. The yacht’s resin-infused, composite hull is designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design and a foam cored monocoque structure is created by acclaimed naval architect Al Horsmon. In addition to boasting a very attractive fuel consumption rate, the yacht also manages to maintain an impressive top speed of up to 30 knots. The strategic use of carbon fiber and fiberglass fabrics throughout the structure adds strength and significantly minimizes the overall weight of the vessel, all the while ensuring an extremely smooth and safe ride.

Also on display at the Palm Beach International Boat Show will be CLB72. Built upon the combined expertise of naval architect Howard Apollonio, and leading marine structural engineers Gurit, the yacht boasts an exceptionally lightweight and aesthetically pleasing design without compromising the integrity of its structure.

Published by: Lux Exposé