Jozeph Forakis evokes the elegance of yachts from a past era with CLB88 design

Unveiled at 2019’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Jozeph Forakis has designed the 27-meter-long ‘CLB88’ for CL Yachts. The new model, which will become leader of the brand’s fleet when it arrives in 2020, embraces the romance and elegance of vessels from another era while celebrating the innovation and quality that the shipbuilder is known for. Forakis says he wanted to re-imagine the motor yacht for contemporary times: ‘there exists a yacht floating in our collective subconscious. I wanted to design that motor yacht, and re-envision it for today. ‘I hope the exterior design will stimulate the collective memories and imagination of real yachting enthusiasts, but it’s not “retro” ‘ explains Forakis. ‘I wanted her to be subtly edgy and bold, but with an effortless beauty and balance that is timeless.’

On the exterior, crisp yet flowing lines project an elegance and style to perfectly fit today’s contemporary market. Fundamentally, both exterior and interior spatial arrangements have been carefully studied to give a sense of being close to nature at all times, and to balance conviviality with privacy, whether users are alone or in small groups.
For the interiors, guests will be welcomed by open, minimalist spaces, seamlessly flowing surfaces, subtle yet distinctive combinations of high-tech and traditional materials, and lots of sunlight. ‘Inside, pure sunlight and open, flowing spaces are the primary materials.’ Forakis continues, ‘everywhere, I wanted to give the feeling of being connected to the sea and air. To be connected to that sense of adventure.’ Throughout the interiors, new materials like carbon fiber and corian are balanced with more traditional wood, leather and stone, to make the clean, minimalist spaces warm and welcoming.

‘I chose Jozeph because we wanted a totally fresh approach that also honors the brand authenticity, something he is known for as an innovator in many areas,’ comments Martin Lo, CL Yachts director and head of product development. ‘CL Yachts is driven by innovation in design and technology, yet we have a hard earned reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and safety. It is this balance of the new, tempered with tradition, that Jozeph has captured for CLB88.’
Forakis says, ‘I was born in a NY industrial loft. I wanted that sense of open space and endless possibilities that I think is the reason behind our never-ending fascination with loft spaces. But at the same time, this is not a home on land. Throughout the yacht, the subtle, controlled curves and seamless surfaces are there to remind you that you’re on a true “vessel”. Ready to transport you at any moment to voyages near and far. Voyages of both body and mind.’

Published by: Designboom