CL Yachts CLB88 Build project Milestone: The Hull to Deck Joint

The CLB88, the newest luxury motoryacht model from CL Yachts, has reached a significant milestone in its construction process: the superstructure has been lowered onto the hull and the two parts securely bonded together utilizing CL Yachts’ signature hull-to-deck joint.

CL Yachts is a global leader in the use of lightweight, resin-infused FRP and other advanced construction materials to build stylish yachts that combine performance, seaworthiness, safety and rugged durability. CL Yachts is the luxury-performance yacht division of Cheoy Lee, renowned international shipbuilder for over a century.

The CLB88’s hull-to-deck joint was constructed using a reverse shoebox technique developed by the shipyard. With the deck sitting within the bulwarks of the hull and on top of the structural bulkheads, the deck is then bonded to these components, creating an ultra-high-strength, rigid structural bond, while also ensuring that the yacht will run quietly without creaking. With no exposed seam between the deck and hull, there is no concern for leakage at the joint also.

Using a foam core construction, CL Yachts does not use any balsa or plywood in its structural components; a major difference between the shipyard and many competitors.

Stay tuned as the CLB88 ‒ the ultimate vessel for family adventures pursued with luxury, comfort and confidence ‒ moves into the final phases of the build process. CL Yachts’ newest motoryacht is scheduled to hit the water in the spring of 2020.