Luxury performance brand CL Yachts debuts latest creation, CLX96, online a digital step inside the ocean’s first luxury performance SAV (Sea Activity Vessel)

Florida. — (October 19, 2020) — CL Yachts is gearing up for a highly-anticipated digital reveal of their progressive cross-overboat, CLX96 – unveiled through CL Yachts’ website and social media platforms on October 23, 2020.

The CLX96 is a luxury performance SAV – Sea Activity Vessel – built for pleasure. Designed by Milan-based, multi-disciplinary creator Jozeph Forakis, it pushes the envelope of yachting conventions to take modern explorers on an expedition at sea like none before.

“Three years ago, CL Yachts reached beyond the industry and asked me to rethink yacht design. I approached the project with a focus on smart design, and my outsider’s imagination and dreams. The result is a vessel that is a departure from convention. CLX96 was created to push the boundaries of innovation and yachting experiences, with flowing indoor and outdoor spaces, and enhanced marine capabilities,” states Forakis. “Visually, she is very distinctive with her bold ‘double-reverse-angle’ profile and iconic ‘wing-like’ flybridge bulwark – these elements were born from a holistic, functional reconsideration of the way to live on a yacht, and not just for the sake looking different.”

“Before we began designing CLX96, we looked at the yachting experience with fresh eyes from the inside out – analyzing everything from the habits of modern explorers at sea to our own heritage as a company. This allowed us to approach the design in a truly holistic way; deconstructing the traditional motor yacht as we know it, and putting it back together again,” explains Martin Lo, director of CL Yachts. “The result is the true representation of CL Yachts both today, and in the future. Along with challenging Jozeph Forakis to the design, we also engaged acclaimed naval architect, Earl Alfaro, and leading marine structural engineer Albert Horsmon, making it a global and dynamic collaboration.”

The design focuses on a harmonious fluidity of space and movement that blurs the outside with the in, in turn creating a generous sensation of volume. The vessel displays an authentic sense of comfort in every detail – ensuring no matter where an expedition takes those aboard, they feel they are exactly where they should be. A mix of classical, luxurious, and modern materials enhance a simple yet elegant approach to living. Combined, the pleasure of the boating experience is elevated to new heights.

While CLX96 stands apart on its own merits as a cross-over vessel, it feels coherently connected to CL Yachts’ fleet. This fleet includes the CLA series – a sportier, compact collection that excels in efficiency and performance, and the CLB series – a range that draws upon traditional yachting hallmarks and family-friendly design.

About CL Yachts

CL Yachts’ goal is to offer unparalleled experiences to the modern explorer. The luxury performance brand stands apart from its competitors thanks to its unique approach to design – driven by CL Yacht’s core value of innovation. Fusing progressive design with engineering prowess and state-of-the-art technology, every element of CL Yachts’ vessels are meticulously geared to steer luxury into uncharted territories.