Multiple accolades for CL Yachts as CLX96 wins 2020 Good Design Award

CL Yachts wins a successive Good Design Award for CLX96 following CLB88’s win in 2019. CLX96 is also a finalist for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards for Interior and Exterior design, while CLB88 is a finalist for the Boat International Design and Innovation Awards 2021 in the Interior Design category.

Seeking a clean slate approach as the overall concept, CLX96 is the world’s first performance luxury “SAV” (Sea Activity Vessel) born from a precise concept: to elevate the comfort, convenience, and handling of a flybridge motor yacht, combined with expansive indoor and outdoor spaces and the enhanced capabilities of an expedition yacht. The iconic profile and numerous innovative features integrate beauty and functionality, stemming from original thinking and smart design.

“At CL Yachts, we are thrilled to be back-to-back Good Design Award winners” says Martin Lo, director of CL Yachts. “Not only is it a prestigious honor, but two consecutive wins validates everything we’ve been doing so far. We began this journey 3 years ago with a strong vision – to advance the luxury experience for modern explorers. Jozeph Forakis and his design team understood this vision, and continues to exceed expectations every time.”

On behalf of CL Yachts, Jozeph Forakis and his multitalented team sought to create the definitive, contemporary reinventing of the motor yacht for CLX96. The vessel champions an inviting open layout, rugged adventurous proportions, clean, fluid lines and precision-cut details. “The design is unique, fresh, modern and exciting– and challenges the perception of what people expect from a motor yacht,” Forakis said of the boat.

Exterior and interior design for the CLX96 Motor Yacht project is by jozeph forakis … design. Structural Engineering and Naval Architecture are by Albert Horsmon and Earl Alfaro respectively.

About CL Yachts
CL Yachts’ goal is to offer unparalleled experiences to the modern explorer. The luxury performance brand stands apart from its competitors thanks to its unique approach to design – driven by CL Yacht’s core value of innovation. Fusing progressive design with engineering prowess and state-of-the-art technology, every element of CL Yachts’ vessels are meticulously geared to steer luxury into uncharted territories.